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The ultimate padel app

Padel Fast helps you organizing padel tournaments and matches.

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"Very good app! Easy to use and great features."

Nico Alvez

Padel coach

"No frills, straight to the point, intuitive and simple!"

Johan Andersson

Recreational player

"Great app for tournaments, worth every penny!"

Mutlaq Al-Subaie

Tournament organizer

Padel Fast offers 👇

A great experience

Navigate through the app with ease, get a clear overview of your tournaments.

It has never been easier to organize a tournament. ⚡️


Compete against your friends or others in your area, collect points for each won match.

Flexible responsibility

Create open tournaments and share the responsibility among the players, everyone can score their own matches.

As a host you have the option to assign admin rights to other players to help you manage the tournament.

Facilities near you

Find facilities all over the world.

If you can't find your facility you can easily request us to add it.


Add a timer to the game and score based on how many points were scored during the time.

Robust gameschemas

Unlike others, we actually use gameschemas to produces our tournaments, you can expect a great experience each time.

Help & support

It is normal when something does not always works, nothing is ever perfect. When in need feel free to contact us and receive the help you need.

We always strive to provide the best support possible. 🛟


Create your own competitive environment. Lnk your tournament to a league and invite others to join your league.

Tournaments will be tracked within the league providing a comprehensive view of each player's performance over time.

A lot of tournament formats


All players are randomly distributed into a unique team each round and play for a predetermined number of points, the points are counted individually. The tournament is over when everyone has played each other at least once.


Here it is played with the same scoring system as americano, however, the rounds are not predetermined. Each new round is generated based on the leaderboard resulting in more even matches.


Mixicano is an Americano with a twist, each team always consists of a man and a woman, the points are counted individually.

World Cup

Play like the World Cup. Divide all the teams into groups of 4 and play until the final. There can only be one winner!

Frequently asked questions

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Padel Fast

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